Termodinamica has been working in the marine industry for years to satisfy our clients. We have invested not only time, but also dedication in creating innovative solutions that our clients desire.

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Why Choose Us

Termodinamica believes in revolutionizing the marine air conditioning industry by creating technology and top quality products that deliver high performance and comfort on board in a sustainable environment.

Corrosion Free Guarantee

Grade 2 Titanium Exchangers

Our patented technology uses grade 2 titanium exchangers to avoid any corrosion in the system. The base material is high purity grade 2 titanium welded by TIG in an argon protective chamber. This means maximum performance without any degradation.

Maximum Power and Efficiency

Efficiency at its best

Termodinamica technology has been designed to maximise the power at 50% consumption or less compared to any other competitors.

Smart Control and Connectivity

Thinking about users

Termodinamica uses a telemetry system for HVAC. This allows you to control our technology through the Internet regardless of where you are. In addition we have integrated a smart control system which alerts you whenever a component or a part is not working properly.

Comfort and Quality

Inverter air conditioning solution for any size vessel.

Termodinamica technology can work at low temperatures on the air handler and offers you a superior dehumidification. It allows you to create a healthier environment. It increases the on board comfort (up to 20% RH in 20 minutes).

Seamless Integration

Technology you can count on

Termodinamica technology is easily integrated due to three key components:

Lightweight materials

Aviation grade aluminum-Titanium grade 2 exchangers. 316L stainless steel chassis and drain pans. At Termodinamica we use the best quality materials to satisfy the customer.

Compact Size

Termodinamica offers compact sized equipment to best fit your needs. We address every possibility to have the smallest footprint possible for our equipment.

Flexible AC Refrigerant Line

At Termodinamica we use refrigerant plastic hoses vs copper piping. This allows easier installation, less chance of failure compared to copper piping and better longevity of materials.

VRV25 Installation on a 62' Offshore Motor Yacht

IBEX Innovation Award Winner

Termodinamica technology was the winner for the 2015 IBEX award and has also been a finalist at the IBEX 2018 award competition with its latest 24V unit. We are the only maker of titanium heat exchangers for the marine industry in the whole world. There is no other manufacturer of such technology.

Our Technology

High quality along with state of the art technologies are the clear mark of a company that wants to guarantee excellence in systems and products.

Inverter Compressor

Termodinamica uses the inverter compressor with twin rotary technology designed with minimal power consumption in mind. The compressor runs at variable speeds in a range of 600-6000 rpm according to the instant power demand and without any waste of energy.

Electronic Expansion Valves

Termodinamica’s Electronic Expansion Valves offers 500 adjustments. It has an accurate electronic control which allows precise operations of the air handler at the tenth degree (0.1°F).

Remote Control GSM-GPS

Termodinamica adopts a compact and accurate telemetry system, GSM / UMTS network and notifies in advance the possibility of failure.

Touch Screen

Termodinamica’s systems are all equipped with a 4.3″ touch screen, wide, bright and sensitive to the touch. The user can adjust a wide range of operating parameters. There are manual controls as well but in order to facilitate adjustments, touch screens have been installed.

Transforming your comfort on board in a healthy environment while guaranteeing you 50% or less in power consumption.

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Latest Projects

Please take a look at some of our recently completed projects. You will see the dedication to our customers and quality of work

VRV25 installation on a 62' Offshore Motor Yacht

"This compressor Box deliver 105,000 BTU of cooling. See how easy and seamless is to install our compressor box. "


"My feeling about Termodinamica system is that it represent a clear break with the past and all the old technologies. Yacht owners deserve smart system like this, able to improve life and confort onboard."

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"I'm very happy about the results. The old system has nothing to compare with the new one. Comfort, efficiency and weight saving are set to a new standard."

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"I didn't believe when i saw the data on the touch screen that show me the loop temperature falling down from 30°c to 7°c in less than 20 minutes on a 55 meters."

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"I like to spend some good words about the crew that carried out the refit. They were accurate, clean and meticulous. Job was done in time and with my full satisfaction".

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"The option to adjust the air output temperature with the software from a single fan coil, the tuning of the fan speed and the option to program every single area make the system very unique."

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"They are always quick to reply and don't hesitate to organize whatever the boat needs."

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Oceanco 55

"In Summer, specially in the upper salon that ofter is open with the ac running and its able to keep a good cooling effect inside and give a fresh breeze outside."

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"Termodinamica being able to remote access their systems from shore side. We have been able to run updates to fit our smaller requests since commissioning."

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Whether you are planning a small or large project, you can count on Termodinamica USA

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