Thanks to Termodinamica deep knowledge of refrigeration systems, we have developed a range of refrigeration equipments suitable to accurately store delicate foods in megayachts and cruise ships. Inverter compressor,combined with electronic expansion valve, allows the staff to control the temperature of the cold output and the chilled room with a precision of 0.1°F.

Proper humidity control can manage accurately the relative humidity (RH), with a resolution of 1%. An advanced touch screen enables users to control desired climate or to select food type. This technology, called by Termodinamica “BioFresh”, allows you to preserve foods longer and with the highest quality.

EXPERIENCE LONG-TERM FRESHNESS: BioFresh provides the ultimate technology for all health-conscious food lovers. With BioFresh, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products retain their healthy vitamins, delicate aroma and appetizing appearance much longer than in a conventional fridge compartment.

FISH AND SEAFOOD: Fish and seafood should ideally be stored at freezing point. All of the BioFresh drawers keep fish fresh longer than a conventional refrigerator.

TROPICAL FRUITS: BioFresh-Plus enables temperature-sensitive tropical fruits to be kept fresh for longer periods. Thermostat can be set until a temperature of 43°F (6°C) that, combined with high humidity, offer the best storage conditions.